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Mmmmmmm. Icons.

the icons of __beetlejuice

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  • taramarie_icons@livejournal.com

The icons of broomsticks. When I'm not being lazy anymore, I'll write important stuff here.

bitter_icons (Wanna be an affiliate? Just e-mail me or comment either here or at broomsticks. Thanks!)

Brushes used in my icons were made by the following people:

saava, dtissagirl, callmefreak, serendipitysho, teh_indy, inexorablyhere, balcarin, solookup, spiffydaze, lil_button, stumphed, shagalote, gegenschein, quebelly, and oxoniensis. Let me know if I left anybody out! I also get many of my brushes from 100x100_brushes. Some gradients were made by pekeana.